Mazloum Agri is a sub-company under the renowned Mazloum Group. Established in 1988, Mazloum Group grew to become a market leader in the import and trade of luxury goods in the Furniture (MAZLOUM HOME),
Construction Materials (MAZLOUM TILES), and Luxury Lighting (MAZLOUM LIGHT) industries.


Balancing the representation of different sectors (Furniture, Construction Materials, Luxury Lighting) under the overarching Mazloum Group while maintaining a coherent theme and user experience can be challenging.

Solution &

Create a clear and intuitive navigation structure that allows users to easily access different sectors while maintaining a consistent design language across the site.

Implement a robust categorization system and search functionality to help users find relevant products or information efficiently. Utilize filters and tags to streamline browsing within each industry segment.

Develop a style guide that encapsulates the overall brand identity of Mazloum Group while allowing for subtle variations to reflect the uniqueness of each sector. Consistent color schemes, typography, and imagery can maintain coherence.

The website's design captivates from the first glance, seamlessly integrating the diverse industries under the Mazloum Group while maintaining an aesthetic that exudes luxury. Navigating through the different sectors, from Furniture to Luxury Lighting, feels effortless, thanks to the intuitive layout and refined user interface.

- Sameh Zaref , CEO