Property Map Investments (PMI)

Property Map Investments (PMI) is a joint-stock company established as a mid-market private investment firm with the mandate too invest in Egypt, the UK, and the MENA region. PMI aims to enhance Egypt’s investment role by channeling most of its investment into “Real Estate Development, Brokerage, Projects, Property, and Facility Management.


Adapting content, visuals, and language to cater to diverse markets in Egypt, the UK, and the MENA region while being culturally sensitive and relevant to each audience.


Solution &

Use content management systems (CMS) that support multilingual capabilities, allowing easy translation and adaptation of content for different regions. Implement geolocation features to display region-specific content.

Work closely with legal advisors to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations in Egypt, the UK, and the MENA region. Clearly outline terms of service, privacy policies, and any required disclaimers.

Employ robust encryption methods, SSL certificates, and secure payment gateways for any financial transactions. Regularly update security protocols and conduct thorough security audits.

Property Map Investments' website crafted by our company is an exceptional gateway into the world of real estate investment in Egypt, the UK, and the MENA region. Seamlessly blending functionality with a user-centric design, the site embodies professionalism and accessibility

- Hamza el Wakeel , CEO