We experienced the struggle, and we know the stress. We’re here to help you plan your fairytale wedding from A to Z with just few clicks. At Plan.It we aim to design experiences and create memories, making sure every candle is lit and every ribbon is tied. We seek to create wedding day experiences that illustrate the deep long-lasting connections between each couple.


Building a comprehensive wedding planning service like Plan.It comes with several challenges

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Invest in experienced tech professionals to design and build a platform that’s intuitive, scalable, and secure. Regularly update and maintain the system to ensure smooth functionality.

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Establish strong partnerships with reputable vendors. Use a centralized system or software for vendor management, communication, and scheduling to streamline processes.


Working with Teleoceans was an absolute pleasure! From the moment we engaged their services for our wedding planning website, we were impressed by their professionalism, expertise, and dedication

- Marwan Helal , CEO